International Travel ID

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International Travel ID

Global initiative for travelers safety & experience

Global initiative for travelers safety & experience
Based on QRepublik technologies


International Travel ID

Global initiative for travelers safety and experience

Unfortunately, despite the joy and fun of traveling, being abroad is always much more risky: because of communications difficulties, cultural differences, insurance and emergency help features and also tourists' thirst for adventure.

Modern technologies allow us to avoid many difficulties that appear and happen while traveling - this is where ITID comes up with a solution combining vital emergency help tech with some entertaining features to make the trips as interesting as safe.

As the main focus, ITID is up for providing vital information about a traveler on a local language in emergency, giving a full tourist interface on a side.

ITID initiative

A worldwide-working technology that provides vital information about a tourist in emergency cases on a local language by a scan of a secure QR-code, connected to a tourist profile with local services, tours and region information

How it works

ITID system

An ID contains a QR-code

Scannable by any QR-scanner app or iOS camera

Profile page

For information editing an built-in services usage

When scanned

The information for emergency shows up on a local language

Technology & Data Privacy

There is no actual personal data stored - nothing to be shared or stolen

Talking simply, no personal information is stored in the cloud - it is only in your pocket

Mostly, when you create a profile somewhere, you automatically get a numeric ID in the database and all your personal information is sticked to that number. For example, name and hotel info. That allows to merge the data in one profile - your electronic portrait. This can be done without you and that is the weak point for personal data.

ITID is using QRepublik Key depersonalization system. That means that the database contains some independent recordings that you have saved in yur profile but those parts of information do not have common key (that numeric ID) as they have different unique IDs. Your personal profile consists of multiple IDs, the list of which is encrypted in the ITID's physical QR-code so the database operator is not able to assemple your personal profile.

Global goals

To achieve


Defeat a problem of lack of information when it is needed for help


Decrease the risks of extra expences


Involvement of travelers in local culture


Enhancement of local travel industries



As one of the most important thisgs in the world

Building an infrastructure

ITID in a country is not only an existance of a tourist tag, it also a huge work with local emergency services, travel industry and telecom operators - all for achieving a goal of making a safe travel ecosystem

Features of ITID

Delivering piece of mind and emotions. With infrastructure.

Emergency help

ITID provides vital information in emergency cases on a local language

Sightseeing and tours

ITID offers the best local travel experiences - learn more about the place you travel to

Free connection

Roaming operators do not charge internet traffic for ITID usage

ITID in Kyrgyzstan

For all inbound tourists

Why Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a land of beautiful untouched nature with facinating places to visit like Issyk-Kul - second biggest lake. The country is on the way to build a strong tourist ecosystem with innovative technologies for travelers safety and engagement.

How it works there

All the tourists are getting their ITID straight on the passport control. When activated, the ITID provides best tours and services. Whe internet connection for ITID usage is completely free.


Apply for partnership

For whom

Travel organizations
Emergency services
Government organizations
Any other